The local history society for the Leyton & Leytonstone area of east London


Leyton & Leytonstone Historical Society began in February 2005 at a meeting attended by over a hundred people. Our long-term aims are to research and promote interest in and knowledge of the history of the area of the former Borough of Leyton and its surrounding region.

You do not have to be an academic historian to play a part in the Society; there are many different ways of exploring local history. We hope that the Leyton & Leytonstone Historical Society will be instructive, sociable and, most of all, fun. Our aim is that the activities of the Society will reflect the diversity of our community. Membership is open to all who support the aims and objectives of the Society, regardless of race / ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, age or religious faith. The Society will have an annual programme of lectures, visits etc.

Members will receive a regular newsletter. Even if you know little or nothing about the history of Leyton and Leytonstone, we will share our enthusiasm with you. If you just want to show your support and not take part in any of our activities or meetings, we will still value your membership. If you want to join our visits and meetings and nothing beyond that, we will respect your wishes. However, we regret that we cannot undertake research into the history of your family or your individual projects.

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