The local history society for the Leyton & Leytonstone area of east London

Site last updated :

9 October 2018 : October talk put on home page

19 August 2018 : details on the home page of a series of walks ‘Leyton(stone) in the year 1840’

15 August 2018 : release of the 2nd edition of ‘Leyton in the Year 1840’ by our Vice Chair David Chapman, at a lower price than the 1st edition

12 July 2018 : latest ‘Leyton in 1840’ walks added to home screen

22 June 2018 : programme for 2018 to May 2019 added

13 June 2018 : venue of meeting on 20th June changed to St John’s Church itself rather than the Hall

1 June 2018 : announcement on home page of evening history walks;repaired broken link for download of ‘Looking Back’ compendium of newsletter articles

1 May 2018 : details of the first walks in the ‘Leyton in the year 1840’ series on the home page; updated list of Abraham Estate properties

9 April 2018 : added link to East London Radio interview of Claire Weiss

3 April 2018 : note on membership application form about information on members is also on the website page about becoming a member of our Society.  Mention on home page of workshop for the Grove Green Road Linear Park Plot Lines house history project.

31 March 2018 : free overseas membership offer

29 March 2018 : added a new publication ‘Unravelling the Yarn’ and added options to purchase through PayPal and to download for more publications
some download files updated with current postal address for the Society

6 December 2017 : added a new publication ‘Leyton in the year 1840’ with the option to buy online using PayPal

10 November 2017 : added a new publication ‘The Home Front in Leyton and Leytonstone’ with the option to buy online using PayPal

3 October 2017 : added a new publication ‘Turf Wars’ and experimented with an option to buy this and two other publications online using PayPal

13 September 2017 : price of supplying a publication on USB flash drive (memory stick) increased to £7 because of inability to find memory at a reliably lower price

12 September 2017 : free download made available for the publication ‘Taking it on the Chin, extracts from the Chin-Wag War Records of the Eton Manor Clubs 1914-1918’

9 August 2017 : appeal for information about Church Road late 1930s

27 June 2017 : photos and information added about living on the Abraham Estate in the 1950s

13 June 2017 : information added about the new Abraham Estate project

8 June 2017 : added information about the new Abraham Estate project

(Changes made earlier are not listed.)