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Horace Waller - Dr Livingstone’s friend in Leytonstone.pdf

Rev Horace Waller: Dr David Livingstone’s friend in Leytonstone by Anita McCullough (8.5 Mb download in Adobe Acrobat pdf format)

Peggy Knight, The Leyton Typist with Nerves of Steel - the astonishing story of a local recruit to the Second World War’s Special Operations Executive

image courtesy of Wikipedia

the Leyton ancestors of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge

Claremont Road and the M11 Link Road by Maureen Measure

Cooper’s Lane, Leyton, home to ordinary folk

The remnants of Moyer House

Leyton and Leytonstone local history reading list

A compendium of articles is available in one large (6 Mb) download of an Adobe Acrobat pdf called ‘Looking Back’

Contents of "A Pictorial Review of Old Leytonstone" compiled by Peter Lawrence

A brief history of Whipps Cross Hospital by Alan Simpson

A bit of local history concerning the Wallwood Estate by Andrea Thunecke-Bristow

Terrorising the public; what head teachers’ school log books tell us about the effect of air raids on Leyton and Leytonstone by David Boote

Leabridge Farm and The Black Marsh Silk by Claire Weiss (January 2020)