Leyton & Leytonstone

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Those commemorated in the churchyard of St Mary’s Leyton or Leytonstone

Andrew Mackintosh continued

In 1865 probate was granted for his estate with effects under £300.  He was described as ‘late of Duncan Terrace Islington’ and as having died at 1 Vicarage Terrace Low Leyton (which became 1 Vicarage Road).  His son Joseph was living at 40 Loddiges Road, St Thomas Square, Hackney.  

Andrew Mackintosh son of Andrew and Margaret Anne Mackintosh died on Trinidad on 26 August 1873 aged 44.

Margaret Ann Mackintosh died on 20 July 1886 in her 80th year at Humshaugh Northumberland.

Caroline wife of Joseph Mackintosh died on 24 December 1893 aged 58 years and is also commemorated on the gravestone in the churchyard of St Mary’s, Leyton.

Was Andrew Mackintosh senior living in Leyton when he died because it was a cheaper place to live ?  

An Ann Mackintosh was born about 1796 in Leytonstone, which may indicate some previous family connection with the area - or it may not.